standard-title I-Cut


I-cut is a cutting machine that guarantees an operating excellence thanks to the most modern technologies. Our powerful software and its intuitive commands makes this machine unique and leading in the automatic cutting in all kind of fabrics an materials.

Using this technology guarantees high level performances, reliability, long-lasting life and low costs of maintenance.


  • SPEED: Drastic reduction of time and costs of production for a single cut piece.
  • QUALITY: High precision and accuracy in cutting even when there is no safe distance a-mount the pieces.
  • BENEFITS: highly production, low cost of use, increase of profits for a quick return on investment.
  • VERSATILITY: A vanguard software for a easy and correct reading of every files with a quick and interactive change of parameters during a cutting process.
  • RELIABILITY: A qualified long-time experience in technical support after the sale.


  • Integrated technology
  • Perfect block of the fabric
  • Reduced consumption
  • Self-sharpening blade
  • Reduced time of cutting
  • ALL CUT software
  • Self-diagnosis anomalies
  • Electronic disc
  • Automatic control the bending blade, extremely easy and intuitive. It gives a total control of the machine to the worker

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