About the company

Caledonia Group is the brand that commercially represents Caledonia Technology srl and Caledonia Engineering srl that operate synergistically to supply software and hardware solutions for the Textiles for Clothing, Technical Textile, upholstery, automotive and medical sectors. Thirty years of experience gained in the field and an asset of over 1200 clients, allow Caledonia Group to act as a reliable partner, able to supply stand-alone systems and integrated solutions for the style office, pattern making department and cutting room.



Caledonia Technology Italia s.r.l.

Caledonia Technology Italia s.r.l. guarantees the development, integration and distribution of Futura software applications and provides technical support. It also distributes a complete range of products for the patterns design office and the cutting room that includes image acquisition systems, plotters to print marker charts, cardboard cutting plotters, projection systems and cutting machines for single layer cutting for fabrics and composite materials.

Caledonia Engineering s.r.l.

Caledonia Engineering s.r.l. designs and manufactures cutting room machines for the textile market. Exploiting the most advanced industrial automation technologies, we have produced the INFINITY range for the spreading and cutting of fabrics and/or composite materials. The project sprang from the typical enthusiasm and energy of a newco that, exploiting the experience of renowned experts in the sector and synergies with other companies in the group, has developed a complete product line with the aim of offering its clients an integrated and technologically advanced solution.

Why choose us


Caledonia Group offers its clients personalised, real time assistance. We have specific know-how both of production processes and of software development. We use call centres to offer clients a direct communication channel with the people that can help them.


Caledonia Group offers pre and post sales assistance, we study optimised layouts with our clients to guarantee production efficiency, being able to count on a wide range of internal solutions and on sound partnerships with the main manufacturers of equipment and software for pattern making departments and cutting rooms.


Caledonia Group can directly customise the FUTURA CAD software to incorporate it in the production chain processes. Controlling the software development process means that we can modify it, guaranteeing full integration in the company’s ecosystem, enabling interface with the existing Hardware and Software.


The range of INFINITY spreaders has been designed and produced by our engineering division. Today it is one-of-a-kind in terms of reliability, productivity and applied technologies as regards both the mechanical and electronic-IT component.