Futura CAD is an innovative multilingual software suite dedicated to the textile industry in the fashion, upholstered furniture, technical textiles and composite materials sectors.

The Futura platform has been developed fully in Windows environment with Microsoft SQL Server support, allowing simple and rapid management of information and guaranteeing the storage and exchange of pattern and marker data with PDM software such as Futura PDM, and all administrative databases.

Simple and user-friendly, it interfaces with any other system thanks to the DXF, ASTM, HPGL and ISO standard formats.

Futura allows a high degree of customisation, enabling nesting and interface with existing environments.

Futura Pattern

Caledonia’s CAD Textile solution developed to make life easier for pattern makers.

Futura Manager

Integrated patterns and pieces archive management system with excellent levels of reliability.

Futura Marker + Automarker

Optimising markers is extremely simple with Futura Marker and Automarker. Reduction of waste, optimisation of productivity, management of multiple sizes and different fabrics make it an indispensable software.

Futura PDM

Futura PDM is a software that gathers and organises documentation and data regarding the entire product production cycle in the Futura Database.

Futura MTM

Futura MTM, the best software for creating “Made-to-Measure” patterns in Microsoft SQL Server Databases

Futura Converter

Futura Converter is the application developed by Caledonia for the conversion of patterns and markers to export and import them into standard international formats.

Smart Plan Futura

Futura Smart Plan, plans the entire cutting room. It can be fully integrated with Futura Marker for automatic marker processing and launching.

Futura 3D

Creates photorealistic 3D previews of garments based on your CAD file patterns, saving time on the production of prototypes and samples.

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