Futura Converter

Futura Converter is the application developed by Caledonia for the conversion of patterns and markers to export and import them into standard international formats.

Futura Converter allows you to export and import patterns and pieces in international standard formats such as DXFAAMA, ASTM, ISO, HPGL, Autocad. The identification of files is made easier by the possibility of displaying previews of the files to be managed.

and advantages


The programme has a graphic interface that allows display
of pieces with the accessories such as notches, holes, reference points, internal lines, seams,
texts, grain line and grading sizes.


The software allows you to choose whether to save a selection of pieces or all the pieces as a pattern in Futura Manager, making them immediately accessible and editable with Futura Pattern or markable with Futura Marker, Futura Automarker.

Other components
of the software

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