standard-title Futura Pattern

Futura Pattern

With Futura pattern doesn’t exist limit to the creation. This is possible thanks to several instruments exclusively developed to support the modeller. The models can be created with or without stitchings, including thick stitchings and corners, cuts and slits.

  • The creation and the development of sizes can be realized in a simple and quick way thanks to automatisms that can copy and develop patterns and work out an automatic way to create different sizes. Several control functions are available even to assemble pieces with simulation of stitching and measuring different sizes saving them automatically on the pattern measure schedule.
  • From the menu all changes may vary depending on what you want to want to transform: from inserting foldings, pleats, draperies, end forming, to modify its pieces with different kind of cuts, from automatically buttoned or cuffed clothing, to working out the percentage of reducing fabric in different ways, from creating and modifying rounded shapes, the definition of inner outlines and the automatic change of perimeter, length, width of different pieces.

The platform's components: