Futura Pattern

Caledonia’s CAD Textile solution developed to make life easier for pattern makers.

The Futura Pattern software has been developed to support pattern makers; its specific tools and macro functions enable the creation and modification of patterns with absolute precision and time savings.

Futura Pattern enables automatic grading sizes and has functions for the transformation of patterns, from the inclusion of pleats, darts, drapes and V-shapes to the modification of the pieces with various types of cuts, the automatic insertion of plackets or lapels, the calculation, including differentiated, of shrinkage percentages.

Futura Pattern, combined with Futura Manager, enables organised storage of patterns in the Microsoft SQL Server database.

and advantages


Specific tools for the design of patterns


Macro functions for the automatic modification of pieces


Automatic grading sizes management


Pieces control and assembly functions with stitch simulation


Identification of size measurements and automatic storage in the pattern size chart


Definition of inner contours

Other components
of the software

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