Paper Pattern

Digitising a pattern enables better design and production phases

The process of designing a garment has changed, companies and designers now adopt advanced software capable of creating a very accurate pattern from 3D capture. These tools allow unprecedented precision, reducing possible errors and optimising production times.

Innovation in this area represents a fundamental change in the approach to design. The digitisation of a pattern today offers greater precision, flexibility and efficiency in the production process.


Caledonia Group stands as a benchmark in providing software and hardware solutions for the textile-clothing industry. At the heart of this offer is Futura Cad. This advanced tool offers a full suite of design functionality, ensuring a smooth transition from pattern creation to production.

Caledonia also provides customers with continuous assistance and consultancy, before and after sales, thus confirming itself as an important point of reference in the textile sector dedicated to the design, drafting and cutting of fabrics.

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