Acquisition systems

N-hega is the partner – a leader in the sector – chosen by Caledonia for customers who need systems to digitise patterns from real samples.

Different solutions aimed at different needs, all characterised by ease of use and the quality of the files produced.


Experts consider NScan the best digitising system available on the market. With this system, you will be able to transfer digitised shapes into your textile CAD system starting from existing patterns or pieces. It is used by companies all over the world and its benefits range from guaranteed accuracy to multitasking functions that allow multiple users to be supported by a single scanner and the ensuing possibility of interactions between companies.


  • Definition and precision with a simple, user-friendly interface.

N-shot Lite

The NShot-Lite digitiser can be an excellent alternative to NShot-Pro, able to meet simpler needs while using a high-quality automatic digitising system. The system uses similar software to NShot-Pro but has a more basic and automatic calibration method. The software is able to read the background of the photo and accurately digitise shots in a few seconds. The portability of NShot-Lite camera makes it perfect for freelancers and production companies that move around and work at different locations.


  • Camera
  • Medium Grid Mat – 115×85 cm
  • White magnetic board – 120 x 90 cm
  • Magnets


  • A high-quality digitisation system within everyone’s reach

N-shot Pro

NShot-Pro is a photo digitisation system that, in addition to its high precision, has a structured user interface and the ability to communicate between workstations. It is appreciated by major companies throughout the world because it saves users both time and money by eliminating the repetitive tasks associated with traditional digitising.


  • Camera
  • AC Power Adapter – USB Extension Cable 10
  • Medium Grid Mat – 100×150 cm
  • Medium Background – Mat 100×150 cm
  • Software + Dongle


  • A step ahead compared to traditional digitisation systems that allows meticulousness and convenience.

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