Caledonia provides cutting rooms and pattern shops with cutter systems able to work with an extremely high level of precision.

Thanks to their performance, it is possible to handle fabrics of all kinds and expand the range of products to offer customers.


The Icut Machine is a precise and fast multi-layer cutting machine. This model focuses on speed, guaranteed by an innovative axis control structure and a continuous cutting system. The Icut Machine has electronic plate pressure control, with customisable cutting profiles for perfect fabric clamping. An Automotive punching device, a precise drill for holes up to 25 mm in diameter, is supplied as an optional.


  • SPEED: significant reduction in production times and costs per cut piece.
  • QUALITY: high precision and accuracy in cutting also with zero safety distance between pieces.
  • ADVANTAGES: maximum productivity, very low running costs, increased profits for a rapid return on investment.
  • VERSATILITY: state-of-the-art software for easy and correct reading of each file with fast and interactive modification of parameters during the cutting process.
  • RELIABILITY: prompt, qualified and experienced after-sales technical support.


  • Integrated Technology
  • Perfect clamping of the fabric
  • Reduced consumption
  • Self-sharpening blade
  • Reduced cutting times
  • ALL CUT software
  • Self-diagnosis of anomalies
  • Electronic plate
  • Automatic control of knife bending

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