Caledonia’s range of printing or cutting plotters is designed to provide made-to-measure solutions for the cutting room and pattern making department.

High performance and productivity or easy use and operating economy? The right solution for every need.

Cutting Plotters

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Plotter Printers

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Cutting Plotters

Algotex Projectcut

The compact design and curved lines emphasise the futuristic nature and unique style of this product. PROJETCUT offers ergonomics, multi-functionality and efficiency in a single cutting plotter.

PROJETCUT is the only multi-functional plotter that can print like a normal plotter and cut paper stocks up to 250 g, two technologies that combined with extreme precision make it incredibly reliable. The product also has an ergonomic and futuristic design that recalls its Algotex origin.


  • Printing technology: HP ink jet
  • Cutting technology: tangential knife
  • Print height: up to 185 (ProJetCut 180)
  • Max. printing speed: 70sq.m\h (ProJetCut 180)
  • Max. cutting speed: 1000 mm\s Longitudinal / 1414 mm\s Transversal
  • Paper handling: high-precision pinch roller system, configurable depending on the type of medium
  • Cutting mode: window, with dimensions that can be selected by the operator
  • Cutting type: cut section size that can be selected by the operator
  • Interface: compatible with all CAD systems

Graphtech FC9000

The FC9000 cutting plotter is an amalgam of efficiency and productivity. Its functionality allows you to work with a wide range of materials. Using special sensors, FC9000 is able to increase performance and allow extremely precise cutting and contouring.


  • Max. speed: 1485mm/s, max. acceleration 39.2m/s2, max. cutting pressure 600gf (5.88N).
  • Min. cutting width: 50mm;
  • Max. width: up to 1626mm for the FC9000 160 model).
  • Interface: 3.7” LCD control panel
  • Acquisition of files from a flash drive without using a computer.
  • Presets: Reading of registration marks on a wide range of coloured materials, including holographic vinyls, by means of an ARMS 8.0 system and coloured registration marks management.
  • Continuous cutting function: “Data Link” that allows sequential cutting of several different lots by creating specific barcodes.


  • Automatic retractor (available on FC9000-140 and -160 models).

F Pro Flatbed Summa series

Summa Flatbed cutting plotters are characterised by a perfect balance between precision and adaptability. Indeed, they allow precise and clean cutting and milling, supported by a vacuum table and mobile conveyor belts, enabling a series of in-line machining operations also thanks to a multifunctional head equipped with 3 tools able to work simultaneously.


  • Multi-functional head: with modular head, it can accommodate up to three tools
  • Tangential module: tool magazine with automatic recognition
  • Moving belt: Conveyor belt for greater reliability and continuous machining
  • Bar code reader: bar code reading on the job allows automatic management of the cutting files
  • Axis control: Machine control system that can be managed using a touch screen and remote control
  • Safety: The unit has a control system designed to ensure operator safety
  • Tool calibrator: The ADC system simplifies tool change operations and related settings.

Technical Data

  • Dimension: up to 413 x 425 x 122 cm (in the F3232 Pro version)
  • Material width: up to 332 cm (in the F3232 Pro version)
  • Cutting area: up to 327 x 320 cm (in the F3232 Pro version)
  • Repeatability: within ± 0.05 mm
  • Accuracy 0.05 % of the movement or 0.05 mm
  • Speed: up to 100 cm/sec
  • Acceleration up to 1 G
  • Cutting head: multi-tool (up to three in line machining operations)
  • Maximum vertical and horizontal force: 200 newton
  • OPOSCam video camera: up to 10 times faster reading the registration marks
  • Connection: Flash drive

Plotter Printers

Algotex CHX

CHX is the fastest plotter with HP or XAAR printing technology on the market (up to 195 m2/h for the CHX 4-head version). Characterised by its exclusive and proven technology, it guarantees high quality prints, increased connection capacity and also has an innovative paper feed system.

The Algotex CHX plotter has a double paper feed system (optional) that optimises roll change time.


  • HP – Xaar print heads
  • Printing speed 95-195 m2/h
  • Printing width: 183/222 cm
  • Possibility of printing with free paper
  • Compatible with the most recent Windows systems
  • Printing capacity 24/24h
  • Electronic control of ink levels
  • File formats supported: HPGL / HPGL2 / ISO

Algotex Wind & Wave Jet

WIND & WAVE are industrial plotters to manage high production levels.

In fact, their distinguishing features are their high printing speed (up to 240 m 2 /h) and high reliability and autonomy, also guaranteed by the double feed compartment (optional) and the automatic paper roll-up system (optional).

The WIND & WAVE systems are also able to print on a wide range of papers with impeccable precision.


  • Max. speed: from 95 sq.m to 210 sq.m/h
  • Printing width: 180 / 205 / 240 cm
  • File formats supported: HPGL / HPGL2 / ISO / DXF
  • Compatible with the most recent Windows systems
  • Paper winding on ultra-light aluminium tube with assisted extraction
  • Two spools of paper weighing up to 200 kg can be loaded using
  • the Jumbo Feeder system (optional) connected by means of self-locking cones
  • Electronic system to monitor and signal end of paper
  • Automatic interruption of printing activity in case of paper jam
  • All paper grades on the market can be used: normal, recycled and thermo-adhesive
  • Patented motorised paper tension system
  • Inkjet technology using XAAR industrial printing heads with tank
  • Electronic control of ink levels
  • Double resolution graphics for differentiation of line quality

Algotex X-Stream Jet

The XSTREAM JET is an entry-level model but with “industrial” type features that make it a reliable and high-performance inkjet plotter.

In addition to guaranteeing high productivity, it has plug and play type connectivity and is easy to use.


  • Printing speed 85 sq.m/h
  • Printing width 220 cm and 180 cm
  • Possibility of printing with free paper
  • Compatible with the most recent Windows systems
  • Printing capacity 24/24h
  • Electronic control of ink levels
  • Line width controlled by the operator
  • Electronic control of ink levels
  • Line width controlled by the operator


  • Nesting of hpgl/hpgl2 files
  • Cleaning station
  • Custom colour black-white

Algotex Marker System

The Marker System is a system that, using 3 independent components, is able to automate all the stages of paper spool loading, printing and collection of paper patterns, which are automatically rolled and cut, reducing costs and avoiding functions normally entrusted to operators.


  • WIND JET and WAVE JET, core of the system, are able to print at a constant speed and with double graphic resolution, allowing production speeds of up to 210 m/hour of constant printing. Consolidated reliability and extremely high quality and speed of printing make these two plotters the state of art in the actual inkjet technology scenario.
  • JUMBO FEEDER, the big capacity paper feeding module of the MARKER SYSTEM, is able to load a 200 kg paper spool, granting the system the necessary amount of paper for a three working shifts production.
  • ROLL UP is the robot at the service of the system. It is designed to substitute the operator’s activities of rolling and cutting of the markers that occurs at the end of every production batch. Using a sophisticated auto-monitoring system, this important module of the systems rolls the markers at the end of the printing phase, identifies the end of the production batch, cuts and prepares the roll for its sorting.
  • ROLL COLLECTOR, which represents the final phase of the system, stores a maximum of 60 printed and rolled markers following the execution order, allowing the operator to collect them in the correct sequence.

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