In the world of fashion and textiles, precision and accuracy are paramount, which is why the role of the fabric finisher in the cutting room is vital importance. Each piece of fabric must in fact be cut with care and precision to ensure an impeccable final quality of the garment and maximum optimisation of time and consumption.

Caledonia Group provides cutting rooms with hardware and software solutions that guarantee the best production performance and optimise the garment production process. Caledonia also provides customers with continuous assistance and advice, both pre and post-sales, thus confirming its position as an important point of reference in the textile sector dedicated to the laying and cutting of fabrics.


Grazie ai tavoli di stesura e agli stenditori Infinity 888 di Caledonia perfettamente interfacciati con la suite Cad Futura e all’ampia gamma di apparecchiature destinate alla sala taglio, siamo in grado di fornire la soluzione su misura adatta ad ogni richiesta.

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